Environmental & Viral Disruptors:
Rising to the Challenge, Reducing Risk & Future-Proofing Humanity
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Week Two Wrap Up and Week Three Preview
The 2020 ACNEM Online Conference: Environmental and Viral Disruptors continues to break attendance records as it enters its third week of broadcasting. 

Reaching audiences in more than 20 countries the ACNEM Live conference has become the must attend for all health and medical practitioners who care deeply about human health and happiness.

This week explores Personal Environment: Future-Proofing Ourselves, Sleep, Fitness and Stress Reduction.

We are changing the world we live in faster than our genes can adapt. Dr Denise Furness in Gene Testing: Future Proofing for the Next Generation explains the major health concerns for our children and grandchildren and the vital role of gene testing to optimise human life.

This week learn vital skills in the importance of sleep, breathing and mindfulness meditation and the patient benefits of Qi Gong from the most knowledgeable medical professionals in the field.

Professor Alan Hayes presents Muscular and Cardiovascular Fitness: Keys to Healthy Ageing and Dr Paul Mason will open your mind with a look at the science behind Is Low-Carb a Suit of Armour Against Viral Infection? Learn why metabolic health is impacting COVID-19 mortality and just being overweight, not yet obese impairs our immune response.

Click here to read the full weeks program and highlights. We hope to see you online soon.
Week Two Highlights:

It's not too late to join us and find out why ACNEM is changing the future of medicine.

A ticket to the 2020 ACNEM Online Conference gives you on demand access to all lectures, presentations and sessions for 3-12 months from the date of purchase.

Week One and Week Two can be viewed at any time as well as the Live Q and A panels, interactive sessions and bonus materials.

Inner Environment: Optimising Health and Herbal, Nutritional and Environmental Medicine
Focuses on how to help your patients build immunity including medicinal cannabis, Chinese Medicine and therapeutic nutrition.

Discover why humans are simply a superorganism nested in a hierarchy of systems and why optimal health is a balance.

Explore cancer and the environment as well as the therapeutic use of heat to boost immunity and inhibit viruses.
Week Two Presentations Include:

Professor Luis Vitetta – The Microbiome and Immune Function
Dr Jason Hawrelak – Using Prebiotics and Probiotics to Enhance Immunity
Dr Shideh Pouria (PhD) – Optimising Immunity with Therapeutic Nutrition
Dr Iggy Soosay – Integrating Western Herbalism into Your Clinical Practice
Professor Daniel Weber – Phenolics, Polyphenols and Immune Modulations
Professor Omer Kucuk – Soy In Integrative Medicine
Dr Kerry Bone – Herbs for Maintaining Immune and Respiratory Health
Professor Kylie O'Brien – Chinese Herbal Medicine: Addressing Imbalance
Professor Marc Cohen – Therapeutic Uses of Heat to Boost Immunity and Inhibit Viruses
Col Dr Phillip Blair – Cannabis for Immune Health
Emeritus Professor Mustafa Djamgoz – Cancer and the Environment
Dr Sarah Myhill – Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – Its Mitochondria not Hypochondria

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22 Jun 2020
As the 2020 ACNEM Online Conference: Environmental and Viral Disruptors enters its final week world leading science writer Julian Cribb leaves us to ponder some big questions.
9 Jun 2020
Dr Julie McCredden PhD is an expert on the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and electromagnetic fields (EMF) on children and adolescents. She says humans are now bathed in man made electromagnetic fields. "We know children and babies are being exposed from a very, very young age," she says. "In the US more than a third of babies at six months use computerised toys, smartphones and tablets."
2 Jun 2020
This lively and informative Panel discussion was the highlight of week Four of the ACNEM Live Online Conference. Discussion Panel Focus: Who Cares for the Carers? Personal Environment 2: Mental Health
2 Jun 2020
Have you ever considered where your patients live could be making them sick? Do you ask them how close they live to heavy traffic or if they are near a cell phone tower? Building biologist Nicole Bijlsma says clinicians need to know more about the proven health hazards lurking in our homes.
29 May 2020
More Australians are reportedly suffering severe psychological distress due to COVID-19 as are individuals in China, Italy, Norway and the US. The Australian National University has tracked the mental health of Australians and found higher levels of psychological distress and serious mental illness, particularly in young adults, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.
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