Home and Work Environment 2:

EMFs and Impacts on Health

Week 6-1 Presentations

Electromagnetic Disruption: What's the Issue?

Prof David O Carpenter (US)

The Invisible Rainbow: An interview with
Arthur Firstenburg

Week 6-2 Presentations

EMFs and the Impact on the Ion Channels, Mitochondria and Oxidative Stress

Dr Priyanka Bandara 

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity
Dr Erica Mallery-Blythe (UK)

Week 6-3 Presentation

Practical Guidelines for Technology Use for Children (Learning & Neurobehaviour)
Dr Julie McCredden

Panel Discussion


Environmental toxicities and EMF's

Prof Marc Cohen

Dr Priyanka Bandara
Nicole Bijlsma

Prof David O Carpenter
Dr Damian Wojcik
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Dr Julie McCredden
Practical Guidelines for Technology Use for Children (Learning & Neurobehaviour)
Technology affects children and young people physically, mentally, emotionally and socially. In the last decade there has been much discussion in the literature around the pros and cons of social media and the benefits of mobile technologies for engaging students in learning. However, there has been less mention of the physical, cognitive and emotional effects of these technologies on children and young people. This presentation will describe how microwave radiation (RF-EMR) emitted from devices affects the brains and minds of young people as they sit in school or at home online. Practical methods for reducing harm while still getting the benefits from technology will be presented.
Key Messages
  • RF-EMR affects brain hardware
  • Damaged hardware in the hippocampus affects memory and thinking and promotes depression
  • Ways to protect children and young people by reducing exposures
Dr Priyanka Bandara
Impact of Electromagnetic Pollution at Cellular Level: Oxidative Stress & Perturbation of
Ion Channels
Exposure to anthropogenic EMR/EMF is an inescapable reality now - all our electronic devices (especially wireless ones) pose complex exposures of numerous frequencies. They induce a wide- range of biological effects some of which translate to adverse health effects with chronic exposures. In order to understand the health impacts of electromagnetic pollution, we need to examine EMR/EMF effects at cellular level. This presentation will detail effects on various organelles and cell types - primarily via oxidative stress and perturbation of voltage-gated ion channels. What are the systemic effects arising from these? What can be done to prevent sustained disruption of homeostasis? What can clinicians do?