Environmental & Viral Disruptors:
Rising to the Challenge, Reducing Risk & Future-Proofing Humanity
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The challenges of environmental disruptions have been gathering pace for decades. The current global pandemic is simply bringing home the clear message - if we don't do anything about the way we interact  with the environment, we are in serious trouble. The impact of our environment on our health is a story that is easy to miss, but once learned, difficult to ignore....and most importantly, empowering.

The Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (ACNEM) is pleased to present an 8-week online conference: Environmental & Viral Disruptors: Rising to the Challenge, Reducing Risk and Future-Proofing Humanity.

Beginning May 4th 2020 with 4x weekly education sessions and a Livestreamed panel every Friday. Join us as we interact with the experts  and learn from each other.

Week 1: Explores some of the key environmental issues we face around the globe and includes a must-see masterclass on the challenges and opportunities of Telehealth.

Week 2: The Inner Environment explores how to optimise immune function with nutritional, environmental and herbal medicine.

Weeks 3 & 4: The Personal Environment looks at how to future-proof ourselves through sleep, fitness, and stress reduction and keep our mental health intact.

Weeks 5 & 6: Home and Work Environment explores the key factors impacting on health including moulds, heavy metals and EMFs.

Weeks 7 & 8: Finally the anticipated Global Environment sessions examine how food and water affect our health and microscope the biggest issue of all, climate change.

Final Presentations: A panel discussion hosted by Dr Kylie O'Brien on the Potential of Women in Responding to the Commission for the Human Future Report, plus ACNEM Online Conference Wrap Up and Reflection with ACNEM Board members Dr Nadine Perlen, Dr Christabelle Yeoh and Dr Ron Ehrlich. 
This 8-week online course is a must for all health practitioners and the general public wanting to know more about how our environment affects our health, and importantly, what we can do about it.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Points
More than 34 hours of CPD over 8 weeks.
All registrants will receive a certificate of attendance for the conference.

Key Learning Objectives:
  • Advise patients on a range of nutritional, environmental and herbal medicine approaches to optimising health
    (Inner Environment)
  • Provide patients with evidence-based advice on how to protect their health and build resilience through sleep, fitness, and stress reduction
    (Personal Environment)
  • Critically evaluate the impact of key factors within the home/work environment which may adversely impact on health: mould, heavy metals and electromagnetic frequencies
    (Home & Work Environment)
  • Evaluate the potential impact of food, water and climate change on individuals, communities and humanity more broadly (Global Environment)
  • Justify the use of nutritional and environmental medicine approaches in healthcare in combatting unknown environmental disruptors now and in the future.
All-Access Pass to ACNEM Online Conference only $295

Program at a Glance
IMPORTANT NOTE: The program itself is still evolving and expanding week-by-week.
We will keep you posted as it happens.
Please scroll down for week-by-week themes and detailed program (Updated June 23rd 2020)

Week 1:

Viral / Bacterial Disruptions
& Global Health

Our world is in lockdown with one of the biggest environmental disruptors of recent times, the COVID-19 virus. Is this recent epidemic simply symptomatic of a planet that is ill? What is this teaching us?

In this first exciting week, we explore the big picture of environmental medicine, with a focus on what's happening around the world in relation to COVID-19. We will look at how vitamin C and D may assist in preventing and treating illness, including pneumonia and sepsis.

We will also investigate telemedicine and learn the challenges and opportunities involved in transforming healthcare.

Our Friday panel review and discussion: 
Pandemics and Our Responses - Reducing the Risk

Week 1 Commencing May 4, 2020
Week 2:
Inner Environment 1:
Optimising Health with Herbal, Nutritional
& Environmental Medicine

Week 2 explores our inner environment, including the microbiome and its role in immune function. The environment of cancer is reconceptualised by a leading UK oncology expert.

We investigate the potential role of phenolics and polyphenols in relation to immune modulation, the nutritional value of soy isoflavones, therapeutic uses of heat to optimise immune function, herbs to maintain immune and respiratory health, how Chinese herbal medicine addresses imbalance and the potential role of medicinal cannabis in immune health.

Our Friday panel review and discussion:
How to Shore Up Your Immune System with Nutritional Medicine Approaches.

Week 2 Commencing May 11, 2020
Week 3:
Personal Environment 1:
Future-Proofing Ourselves
Sleep, Fitness & Stress Reduction

Stress reduction, good sleep and keeping fit are all strategies to help practitioners and their patients stay healthy.

This week we hear from leading experts about the role of breathing in restoring health and muscular and cardiovascular fitness as keys to healthy ageing.

Learn how gene testing may help future-proof the next generation and the benefits of mindfulness meditation and the ancient art of Qi Gong. 

Our Friday panel review and discussion:
How to Future Proof Ourselves.

Week 3 Commencing May 18, 2020
Week 4:
Personal Environment 2:
Mental Health

How do we all keep mentally healthy, patients and doctors alike, during this time of social isolation? What are the major disruptors to brain health? What impact is information technology having on mental health and how can we make the best of it during this lockdown period? What about children- are they particularly at risk during this pandemic?

This week, we dive into mental health, exploring all these issues including what an integrative approach to mental health looks like. 

Our Friday panel review and discussion:
Who Cares for the Carers?

Week 4 Commencing May 25, 2020
Week 5:
Home & Work Environment 1:
Environmental Causes of Illness

Our built environment, our homes and offices, can be a source of environmental toxicity that can adversely impact on our health. Moulds and heavy metals are two particularly important environmental toxins. We learn how to identify some of the key built environmental causes of illness and why an integrative medicine consultation cannot afford to not consider where we live and work.

Week 5 Commencing June 1, 2020
Week 6:
Home & Work Environment 2:
EMFs and Impacts on Health

Week 6 Commencing June 8, 2020

What must healthcare practitioners know about electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) and the 5G roll out? Is information technology one of the biggest health disruptors of our times?

This week, we deep dive into EMFs and their impact on health, their impact at a cellular level and their effect on sleep and chronic fatigue. Practical guidelines for technology use by children are provided by an expert in this field. 

Our Friday panel review and discussion:
Environmental Toxicities and EMF's
Week 7:
Global Environment 1:
Food & Water

Week eight explores the global environment and the impact on our health of organic pollutants and water toxicity. We explore the epigenetic mechanisms of hormonal and endocrine disruption to understand why and how our food and water quality can lead to suboptimal health and illness. We also discuss whether healthy eating guidelines have contributed positively to public health. 

Week 7 Commencing June 15, 2020
Week 8:
Global Environment 2:
The Implications of Climate Change 
to Human Health

Week 8 Commencing June 22, 2020

In the final week, we pose the question: What is the future of a planet suffering climate change? What will it take for the human species and our planet to survive? Will food security emerge as a major threat to life?

We look closely at public health and public policy and ask whether they are aligned. After the recent Black Summer in Australia we discuss the link between urban air pollution, bushfires and climate change and their combined impact on human health. 

Our Friday panel review and discussion:
Global Threats, Environmental and Health
Saturday June 27, 2020
Final Presentations
ACNEM Conference Wrap Up and Reflection

Join us for our final two presentations to close our incredible 8 week conference. Professor Kylie O'Brien will be joined by Ms Fiona Patten, Ms Licia Heath, Katherine Richardson and Dr Karen Kiang to discuss The Potential of Women in Responding to the Commission for the Human Future Report. The Chair of our Education Committee Dr Nadine Perlen, ACNEM's Immediate Past President, Board and Education Committee member Dr Christabelle Yeoh and Dr Ron Ehrlich will then share some of their insights into the Conference, ACNEM's future and where-to-from-here.

ACNEM is an independent, not-for-profit organisation which has been providing education in nutritional and environmental medicine to medical and allied health practitioners for 38 years.
Join us in our vision to 'transform global health through science and education'
All-Access Pass to ACNEM Online Conference only $295

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