What is the role of the Health Practitioner in this new world?
ACNEM Online Conference
Environmental and Viral Disruptors
The Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (ACNEM) is proud to present the 2020 ACNEM Online Global Conference.

As the world continues to face the COVID-19 pandemic ACNEM is fulfilling its vision to transform global health through science and education.

Welcome to the ACNEM Live experience - the largest event in our almost 40-year history.

Join hundreds of health practitioners around the world and find out why nutritional and environmental medicine is critically important for the future of humanity

Hosting 50+ world-leading experts we explore:
  • Inner Environment: Optimising health with herbal, nutritional and environmental medicine
  • Personal Environment: Future-proofing ourselves with sleep, fitness and stress reduction and exploring integrative approaches to mental health
  • Home & Work Environment: Environmental causes of illness including moulds, heavy metals and EMFs
  • Global Environment: How air quality, food/water pollution and climate change impact human health
Register anytime and join the movement for better human health.

All online modules and presentations are accessible on your computer, tablet or mobile.

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Upgrade your skills and learn about the whole patient

ACNEM is committed to supporting the solution to global chronic illness. Real answers are available now and there is an urgent need to expand the network of qualified professionals to change the future of healthcare. Gain new awareness and practical skills and make a difference to your patients.

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Your all-access pass is valid for three months from the date of purchase - review and deepen your learning and continue to network on the ACNEM Live platform.
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Are you prepared for what you will see in your clinic in the next ten years?
Be Part of This Compelling Vision for Health
ACNEM Online Conference themes: 

Discover Why Nutritional and Environmental Medicine is the Future of Healthcare

  • Diagnosis and treatment options for environmental health disruptors with case studies and panel discussions from world experts
  • Discover what we know about the epigenetic effects of harmful chemicals on human cells and the impact of 5G electromagnetics
  • Therapeutic use of heat to boost immunity and inhibit viruses as well as the potential role of Vitamin C  and Vitamin D in preventing illness and saving lives
  • Hear directly from doctors still battling with COVID-19. What role has Chinese medicine played?
  • Learn the facts about cannabis and other herbs for immune function
  • Help your patients build a healthy microbiome to protect against viruses and bacterial disruptors
  • Discover the new dynamics of Online Consulting, TeleHealth and remote patient support
  • Learn the practicalities of transitioning to digital healthcare services

Why the ACNEM Online Conference?

  • More than 80 online learning sessions direct from the experts
  • Live Q & A panels and peer discussion
  • Learn new preventative healthcare strategies and patient care
  • Case studies, treatment approaches and latest evidence-based research
  • Get up to date with latest clinical insights
  • Download presentations, resources and further reading
  • Join the movement to prevent illness rather than simply treat
  • Discover how to include integrative medicine in your practice
  • Change the way you view medicine and refresh your passion
  • Understand why the healthcare system needs to change
  • Prepare yourself and your staff for the future

Who Should Attend?
The ACNEM Online Conference is designed for all health professionals interested in
empowering future health solutions.

Health practitioners are the front line for the future health of humanity.

  • All Medical Professionals
  • Medical Stakeholders
  • Nutritionists and Dietitians
  • Naturopaths and Herbalists
  • Psychiatrists and Psychologists
  • Dentists and Dental Hygienists
  • Nurses
  • Health Coaches
  • Chiropractors and Osteopaths
  • Physiotherapists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Pharmacists
  • Academics and Researchers
  • Digital Health Entrepreneurs
  • Health Policy Makers
  • Healthcare Educators
Please note the information contained in our Disclaimer at the bottom of the page. It contains important information for delegates viewing our conference presentations.

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Enjoy the 2020 ACNEM Online Conference with your team, colleagues or friends
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ACNEM Online Conference Speakers 

As medical practitioners put their lives on the line to fight this global pandemic ACNEM is steadfast in its mission to educate our health care professionals on nutritional and environmental medicine.
ACNEM Featured Speakers include:
  • Professor David O Carpenter (US)
  • Professor Anita Carr (Aus)
  • Professor Omer Kucuk (US)
  • Professor Mustafa Djamgoz (UK)
  • Dr Philip Blair (US)
  • Professor Will Steffen (Aus)
  • Dr Shideh Pouria (UK)
  • Dr Julie McCredden (Aus)
  • Julian Cribb (Aus)
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All-Access Pass to ACNEM Online Conference only $295

How does the ACNEM Online Conference Work?
Formerly the ACNEM Annual Conference, a two-day event held in Melbourne Australia.

This year the 2020 event is proudly hosted entirely online with Q&A Panel sessions, Video On-Demand and interactive experiences.
All-Access Pass to ACNEM Online Conference only $295
The ACNEM Live Experience
  • Over 50 Online Conference presentations
  • Interactive forums and Q&A sessions
  • Live conference interaction between delegates and speakers via the ACNEM Live portal
  • Access to digital resources and presentations for 3 months*
  • Easy access to video-on-demand: anytime, anywhere, any device
Special pricing is $295 for the ACNEM Live digital pass - access to all of the above plus:
  • Online networking via Live Chat
  • Access to international speakers, participants, hosts and panelists
  • Clinical and practical advice during a pandemic
  • Access to ACNEM partners, their special offers and virtual expo
  • 3-month all-access pass*
NOTE: Last year's ACNEM Conference fee was $995. This year, the Online Conference is substantially bigger – with the special price of only $295!
We are in this together and real solutions to support our community are available.
What's inside the ACNEM Live?
Your $295 ticket gives you full access to the ACNEM Live learning platform and the 2020 ACNEM Online Conference
"I was absolutely blown away by the conference. The quality of the presentations was outstanding and the networking opportunities helped me connect with numerous people, gaining advice for my future career. I'll be sure to attend next year as a fully-fledged clinical ACNEM member."

  • Discover videos and presentations by the world's leading environmental and nutritional practitioners and researchers
  • Learn from Q&A Panels, discussion forums and interactive chat on key themes
  • Download presentations, resources, further reading, video tutorials and more
  • Share downloadable resources with your clinic staff and colleagues
  • Get access to the right information and trusted sources – the world of integrative medicine is at your fingertips
  • Log in and learn anytime from anywhere. Your all-access ticket is valid until 30th September 2020 (3 months after the conference concludes) OR for three months from your date of purchase (whichever is later)
  • Join a community of professionals dedicated to improving the health of the world through next-generation healthcare

Since 1982 ACNEM has been the leading education college 
for nutritional and environmental medicine offering post-graduate training and Fellowship programs.
Dr Henry Sztulman
General Practitioner
Reine DuBoise
Clinical Director & Integrative Naturopath
Dr M Cecilia Oliver
Medical Doctor, FRACGP, FACNEM
Vojislav Ilic, PhD
Ajunct Fellow, Western Sydney University
"I have attended numerous ACNEM conferences and training over the past 20 years. They have always been inspirational and educational in a very practical manner. I could start applying the new knowledge immediately in my Nutritional and Environmental Practice."

"The annual ACNEM conference reconnects me with my integrative medical family while delivering the latest research and clinical pearls of wisdom I need to support my patients and team of practitioners. The connections I have made through ACNEM span almost 20 years."

"I highly recommend the ACNEM conferences as their expert speakers provide invaluable evidence-based and up to date practical information that is clinically relevant and applicable to Integrative Medical Practice. Each conference I leave with more clinical tools to use in my practice which is highly rewarding because of the better health outcomes achieved in my patients."
"I wholeheartedly recommend ACNEM education to all wishing to update their knowledge base, many consider an urgent necessity as the rapid and incessant growth of chronic diseases ultimately threaten the viability of the present clinical paradigm focused on treating symptoms alone."

ACNEM Supporting Partners
As medical practitioners put their lives on the line to fight this global pandemic,
ACNEM is steadfast in its commitment to educate our health care professionals on nutritional and environmental medicine.
We thank our partners for their generosity in supporting this vision and mission.
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